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Happy Birthday Ford!

We had so much fun at his birthday party!  He wasn’t too sure about the birthday cake! Can’t believe it’s been a year!  We love you Ford!

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Chase is 18 months

Have to share this of my baby boy who is 18 months today. He’s our little sour-patch kid. So sweet but oh so mischievous. Also very full of life and enthusiastic about most everything. This day he wasn’t into the pictures, but sometimes the non-smiles are my favorites.

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Chase is 15 months

I’m so bad about taking “real” pictures of my own kids.  Here is a few quick shots of my youngest in front of my most favorite wisteria vine.  He’s 15 months today.. I really hoped to capture his “baby hair” before we got his first haircut.  They grow up waaay too fast!

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Chase is ONE!

Can’t believe my Chase is ONE!  January 2nd!  I’m a little late posting this but I still wanted to share some pictures.  He started full on walking the day of this photo shoot (New Years Eve!) and now he’s all over the place.  Love my boys more than anything!   We had leftover cupcakes and […]

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Fr Than

Father Than Vu will truly be missed by everyone that knew him and was inspired by him. May his soul rest in peace.

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