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Destin Family vacation 2014

Every year we go to Destin to celebrate my mom’s birthday.  We had such a great time.  The water was exceptionally clear and calm;  the best its been for us in years!  Can’t wait to go again next year!


Can’t believe my little love is 6 months old!


Our new home

I’ve finally made time to post some pictures of our new home.  The inside will have to wait since we’re still unpacking, but so far we absolutely love everything about our new home.

Also, I love our new door decoration.  Check out https://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleTicklebug to order yours!

DSC_3706DSC_3698This tree is our view across the street.  I absolutely love it!   Can’t wait to have picnics with the boys under this tree.


Another awesome thing about our neighborhood are the lakes in the front of the neighborhood – click here to view the post I wrote about that –


Our backyard.  I’m really thankful we didn’t have to do any landscaping when we moved in.  This back porch is heavenly.  Our yard is longer and wider than this but my lens just isn’t wide enough 🙂