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Lilly is 6 months

I love photographing precious Lily.  I did her newborn and 3 month pictures and look how sweet she is at 6 months!  I just love how she sticks out her tongue!

Rebecca - What a little doll! Your work is stunning!

My first post!

I’m so excited to share my blog with you!  Of course my first post has to be of my two little loves.   I can’t believe Chase is 9 weeks now and big brother Luke is 3!  This picture was taken back in January.  My dad and my husband made this wooden baby bed last summer.  I just love it.

Stay tuned for more updates on the kiddos and also of some recent sessions.



virginia halligan - beautiful leslie!! gotta love two handsome boys

Tracy McLaughlin - All your pictures are BEAUTIFUL, Leslie! These two sweet boys are precious! Love, Love, Love!!!

Susan Harbourt - Beautiful pictures! Especially love this one! 🙂